First kiss, first date. 

Must drive blue convertible and wear a leather jacket.

Thank you!

Song: Indigo Girls- Romeo and Juliet (cover of the Mark Knopfler origninal)



Functioning turntable and classic records.

Do you want to switch to CDs? I don’t….

 Song: Bob Dylan- Desolation Row (Highway 61 revisited)



Black-capped Chickadee

are you coming?”

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

He looks up from the birding scope

Ruby eyed Kinglet

bad hip out 


and lets the dog come to me


“Go ahead”

Red-winged Blackbird

He has a life list

Snowy Egret

of over 500 birds native to North America

Canadian Goose

and another list that details

Blue-footed Boobie

his sightings in Mexico, Ireland- places off of our continent


He’s famous in birding magazines


For sighting a “mega-rarity”

Steller’s Jay

a Redwing- native of Eurasia-

Great Albatross

that happened to land in his backyard

Winter Wren

I had a list once, but lost interest.

Music Writing

  1. Streetlamp and a cozy cigarette by the window- she’s so beautiful walking with one hip sway.
  2. We walk into this Mexican restaurant and my mum orders a Cadillac margarita while forcing me to talk to the waitress in Spanish.
  3. Toby swings around, umbrella extended, making me laugh with his faux-sad smile.
  4. It’s a big shindig here, out in the middle of the banks with the river dwellers calling out, a cook off, the outhouses are too far way to smell and the meat tastes soo good.  (try this one too)
  5. I will stare at this clock until it turns to one thirty goddamn it, and we’re finally out of this math class.
  6. Painfully pink these little girls dressed up to see yet another ballet as they wiggle their butts in time to the music.
  7. Walking down the coast, off to the side I see the boat wrenching itself through the water, hauling up fish and seaweed.
  8. I’m drifting along the sidewalk with the bus stop in mind, silent and scary- dark and scented with coffee.
  9. Drops of water are falling down the windows and I’m sure there’s someone else outside because the phone won’t work.
  10. We pop into the chocolate shop and gasp at the counter, beautifully stuffed with perfect wisps of cream and sugar.
  11.  Cut to a blue neon sign followed by a sweet face, looking for the right motel.
  12. Agh- will I ever leave this Spanish karaoke hell?!
  13. Hide hide hide hide hide, duck down lower.
  14. The beach is perfectly white, populated by gorgeous brown girls humming the sweetness of a horn solo, smelling of plumaria.


It seemed like every time we crawled into Auntie Di’s above ground pool a thunderstorm started. We’d be herded inside by adults who warned us that water carries electricity as they covered our heads with towels. We’d sit on the screened in portch and watch the lightning, counting the seconds between the flash and the crash to determine when it was safe to climb back into the pool.

 We never went back in too soon. Never escaped the porch- sliding like old war soldiers along the deck railing. We were all scared to touch it- like the pool was a huge uncharged battery outside wating to be flipped on by lightning.

Notes and Proposals


Note that in the post below the pictures are hyperlinked (for the most part) to the numbers. Not to any words.

 Now- as for this multimedia project we’re about to embark upon, I want to do something more along the lines of Alison Bechdel’s work- a comic book of some sort. Unfortunately, I’m not a particularly talented artist, so this work will probably include both drawing and collage in order to fill the panels well. 

The other medium I’d love to work in would be sound. I do a ton of that already, however. Optimallly, if I had time I could make a mini video, using audio as I read whatever text piece I come up with- and intersperse it with snippets of my songs. that would be amazing- but also incredibly time consuming.

The above notion would be really excellent if I did a text piece on music.

Subject content for this multimedia piece is still not firm in my mind- if I had to decide now I’d say the options are

1. Music- guitars, my lack of explicit knowledge- failure at music theory, obsession, concerts, Bumbershoot- music as it determines emotion, chemical reaction…  Different places you hear music- elevators, bars, restaurants, stores, on the street, in the bus, via headphones… where does it matter… what quality is it?  Musicians- is it a boys club (of course it is.. )

2.  Obsession with Latin America- El Salvador and Brazil predominately (that would be cool for the collage piece). The sense of being foreign in one place, fitting in in another- the desire to NOT BE AMERICAN. Why? To what ends to we acheive this goal? Is it a good goal?

Those are my two twisted ideas (form one goes with idea 2, form 2 goes with idea 1)

1. Were people shocked before the invention of electricity?


2. Silent, the children crawl between long grasses and millions of grasshoppers, passing the parents with popsicles sweetening their summer mouths, through the tunnel, around the wood chips, over someone-less-important’s head until… finally…home base. 


3. Standing in line drives me absolutely crazy; especially when everyone else seems to have been helped to their final (seated) destination.


4. Jack shimmies out the window and hops down to the pavement haloed by security lights and the half eaten moon.


 5. Felipe once expulsed these words of wisdom from his mottled bag of brains: “ If you need a high so badly you can’t snort it or smoke it, there’s something wrong.”


6. I had an infatuation with Chinese lanterns and bought them by the armful for future use in my first apartment.


7. You can bargain and barter for anything in New York- it costs nothing to haggle, and the etiquette seems to call for it.   


8. She curls up, dozy after a couple of beers from her shopping bag.


9. I used to be jealous of Catholicism because of its gilded altars, sober offerings, precise rituals- all of which accumulated as superstition, yet somehow transmuted into faith.


10. I once had a dream where I was responsible for the lines- wire and taught, crossed in a square- remaining uncut.